Future Wireless Networks: Joint design of technology and business models in the network

Prof. Savo Glisic
Thursday, May 7, 2015 - 23:59

The presentation will cover what is anticipated to be the main components of future wireless networks. The focus will be on joint design of technology and business models. On the technology side, large scale network architectures, complex networks models, small world models, redesign and control of the existing heterogeneous (macro/LTE, small, femto, WLAN, ..) networks on their transformation to 5G/6G networks, cognitive/semi cognitive, multi-operator and DNA networks, green networks, LEN (Low Exposure Networks) and IoPT/Complex Networks will be discussed. It will include a discussion on what it takes to get Wireless Internet instead of wireless access to the Internet. On the business side, multi-operator spectra management, sharing /spectra trading as well as the network economics/microeconomics will be covered. The presentation will make a brief review of the strategic network concepts of the main industrial players in the field as well. This talk will be supported by a brief review of our work in this area.



Savo Glisic is a Professor of Telecommunications at University of Oulu, Finland, Head of the networking research group, and Director of Globalcomm Institute for Telecommunications. He was Visiting Scientist at Cranfield Institute of Technology, Cranfield, U.K. (1976-1977) and University of California, San Diego (1986-1987). He has been active in the field of wireless communications for 30 years and has published a number of papers and books. The latest book “Advanced Wireless Networks 5G/6G technology, Wiley and Sons, scheduled for fall 2015, covers the enabling technologies for incoming 5G/6G wireless networks. He is running an extensive doctoral program in the field of wireless networking (www.telecomlab.oulu.fi/kurssit/networks/). His research interest is in the area of joint technology and business model design in wireless networks, network optimization theory, network topology control and graph theory, cognitive networks and game theory, radio resource management, QoS and queuing theory, networks information theory, protocol design, advanced routing and network coding, relaying, cellular, WLAN, ad hoc, sensor, active and bio inspired networks with emphasis on genetic algorithms and stochastic geometry. The latest interest is in the area of spectra sharing, network economics/microeconomics, robust heterogeneous network design and complex networks theory. He is doing research within the WiFiUS collaborative program between NSF in US and Finnish Academy as well as on a number of research projects sponsored by EU FP7 program. He is active within 5G PPP association preparing the projects for Horizon 2020 calls. Dr. Glisic has served as the Technical Program Chairman of the third IEEE ISSSTA’94, the eighth IEEE PIMRC’97, and IEEE ICC’01. He was Director of IEEE ComSoc MD programs.